LiteAccordion: A Horizontal Accordion Plugin for jQuery


These are the default settings for the liteAccordion plugin:

containerWidth : 960,                   // fixed (px)
containerHeight : 320,                  // fixed (px)
headerWidth: 48,                        // fixed (px)

activateOn : 'click',                   // click or mouseover
firstSlide : 1,                         // displays slide (n) on page load
slideSpeed : 800,                       // slide animation speed
onTriggerSlide : function() {},         // callback on slide activate
onSlideAnimComplete : function() {},    // callback on slide anim complete

autoPlay : false,                       // automatically cycle through slides
pauseOnHover : false,                   // pause on hover
cycleSpeed : 6000,                      // time between slide cycles
easing : 'swing',                       // custom easing function

theme : 'basic',                        // basic, dark, light, or stitch
rounded : false,                        // square or rounded corners
enumerateSlides : false,                // put numbers on slides
linkable : false                        // link slides via hash

Simply pass options into the liteAccordion function with an object literal, for example, below is the code for the accordion at the top of the page.

    onTriggerSlide : function() {
    onSlideAnimComplete : function() {
    autoPlay : true,
    pauseOnHover : true,
    theme : 'stitch',
    rounded : true,
    enumerateSlides : true


These are the methods for the liteAccordion plugin:

play            // trigger autoPlay on a stopped accordion
stop            // stop an accordion playing
next            // trigger the next slide
prev            // trigger the previous slide
destroy         // remove the accordion, destroying all event handlers and styles
debug           // returns a debug object

All of these methods are chainable (i.e. they return the original DOM object) with the exception of the debug method. To call a method, use:


To chain methods:


Get it from GitHub -

GitHub - nikki/LiteAccordion: A lightweight horizontal accordion plugin for jQuery.
A lightweight horizontal accordion plugin for jQuery. - GitHub - nikki/LiteAccordion: A lightweight horizontal accordion plugin for jQuery.