Unity Breakout Clone: Level Editor

I’ve not forgotten about the Breakout clone that I was working on. Truth be told, I haven’t looked at it in over a month.

Since the last post, I re-implemented the exploding brick type and the SFX that I lost, and created a level editor that imports .tmx level layouts from Tiled. I have a layer for brick colours, a layer for brick types (1hp, 2hp, multiball, indestructible bricks, etc), and a layer for powerups. There’s also an ‘extend paddle’ powerup.

I’d say this is somewhere in between Breakout and Arkanoid/Brickout in terms of features. I think I’ve learned everything that I set out to learn from it, so I’m going to shelve it for now.

Unity Live Training: Breakout

It’s funny how I started making games with a Breakout tutorial… and here I am, four years later, following a Breakout tutorial *sigh*. The more things change, the more things stay the same đŸ™‚

It was easier than I expected it to be tbh, but I do have a *teensy little bit* of experience with Unity already (more on that later).

(Apologies for the slight stutter in the video – my Mac is old and tired :))

I took the results of the live training tutorial, and ran with them; adding an indestructible block, a block that spawns a multiball powerup, and better (but still ropey) paddle physics. Not bad for a few hours’ work!

I think I’m going to continue building on it. A level editor will be the next order of business I expect.